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    Hi guys, what top up switch can I use when I have a kalkreactor connected to my top up? i dont want to use the normal float switch as this sometimes gets stuck open and will surely cause a tank crash through a kalkreactor.

    I there a switch available that is failsafe nad where can i get one?
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    IMO a Kalk reactor should not be used in line with a auto top up. Kalkwaser should be dripped at a rate the aquarium requires kalk and not at a rate the aquarium evaporates water. This should ideally also only be done at night to minimise pH swing. If you set your drip rate correctly then your auto top off will only be required very seldom during the day.
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    Agreed, I have read far too many horror stories of tanks being overdosed with kalk due to float switches sticking. Rather use the drip method, a simple 2L coke bottle with an airline and adjuster valve and you're away. If you do a google search for something like "simple diy kalk dripper" you will see just how easy it is.
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    As a fail safe to using the kalkstirrer with an auto top up, you can limit the systems output by plugging into a timer.

    Link up with a positive displacement pump with a know low volume output (say 3 l/h - typical for a peristaltic). Easy to calculate your typical evaporation in a day. Work out how many hours you will need to pump to achieve this. Only allow say 1-2 hours of additional overlap (which is 6L), and the timer will prevent a massive over pump of kalk into the tank.

    Set your pumping hours up for late evening/early morning.

    You would need float level control and timer to both fail (open) to have any sort of problem
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