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    There’s been such a flurry of captive bred marine fish stories lately, that it may have been hard to get a handle on how much is going on. Once upon a time, like ten to fifteen years ago, the announcements of new captive bred marine fish were so few and far between, that each achievement was widely celebrated on its own, and each new triumph put us one step closer to being more in step with the natural environment.

    Nowadays with trailblazers in the field of breeding marine ornamental fish being so much more proficient, and spread out across the globe, it sometimes seems like hardly a week goes by without a new breakthrough. The last couple of weeks have been particularly prolific so just so you (and we) don’t miss anything, we’ve put together a little recap of all the super-cool marine fish breeding successes that have come to light in recent days.

    Flagfin Angelfish by Bali Aquarich


    Passer Angelfish by Bali Aquarich


    Annularis x Emperor Angelfish by Bali Aquarich


    Clown Triggerfish by Biota Marine


    Four species of Eviota by Biota Marine

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