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    Over the last half decade or more, Coral Morphologic has been the aquarium hobby’s undisputed leader in artsy coral art, especially in the mutlimedia coral reef space. During that time we’ve highlighted “Core-More” and their various projects which span the gamut from frolicking on PBS, presenting at TED, and more recently, getting cozy with Vice.

    It’s always great when someone or an entity takes it upon themselves to do something other than just full tank shots, or macro photographs of a particular reef specimen, but it’s even better when people like Colin and Jared keep at it and keep delivering very unique presentations of reef life in lots of really engaging ways. Without further ado, here are our top five favorite Coral Morphologic stories over the years.

    The Creator’s Project feature of Coral Morphologic’s reef and coral championing is one of the best and while we just posted it last week, we really want to make sure that lots of you see this great video with special guest star Julian Sprung.[​IMG]

    “Vice” Zoanthids may be a common term to refer to a specific subgroup of Zoas from the Caribbean but this diversity of colorful encrusting polyps were unheard of before Core More came along, found them, propagated the heck out of them and then shared them with the aquarium community.[​IMG]

    If there’s one thing Coral Morphologic is great at, it’s getting regular people to care more about corals. The Colin Foord presentation at TEDxMiami was a watershed moment for the intersection of popular culture, conservation science and the reef aquarium hobby and the implications of their findings presented during this talk are still reverberating to this day.[​IMG]

    Way back in 2012, long before the MiniMaxi and Subsequent flower anemone craze got into full swing, Coral Morphologic was finding, spawning, photographing, filming and selling the hottest Epicystis crucifer in the hobby.[​IMG]

    All that attention to detail has paid off for Coral Morphologic not only in the form of beautiful images and video, but also with the co-discovery of seeral new species of Zoanthids – of which Vice Zoas, Zoanthus aff. pulchellus, are also among and awaiting formal scientific description.[​IMG]

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