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    underwater-camera.jpg Gizmodo ranked four popular models of underwater & rugged point & shoot cameras

    There’s a lot of underwater and rugged cameras being offered for sale these days, and many of them are gaining popularity for underwater and aquarium photography. If you’re tired of sharing blurry and blued-out phone-pics of your aquarium or you just want a way to literally take shots from inside your aquarium, you might get a lot of use out of an underwater camera. Gizmodo has put together a nice roundup of four popular underwater cameras discussing their respective benefits and drawbacks, not from an aquarium-photo perspective but chances are if you get one of these you will also use it out in the real*world, like the LFS. The point & shoot camera that popularized the category of underwater rugged cameras, the Panasoni Lumix takes top Gizrank, but we have seen great pics and video clip made with all of these models. [Gizmodo]
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