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8 May 2007
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Reef-a-Palooza is meant to be a celebration of the hobby. This event is organized by the Southern California Marine Aquarium Society (SCMAS) which is a group of passionate hobbyists who want to share their love for reef animals. The goal of the principle organizers is to share the hobby they love with as many hobbyists and inspire as many perspective hobbyists as possible.

Reef-a-Palooza touts itself as a hobbyist-centric show open to the public. The show welcomes all who are interested in reef marine life and the keeping of them in captivity. In it’s 12th year, it has drawn the largest attendee crowds to be titled “The largest marine aquarium show”.

So, what can you do at Reef-a-Palooza 2015?

1 – You can win raffle items – A proper celebration deserves a large offering of prizes to make this exciting to all who attend and participate. In this year’s Reef-a-Palooza show, you will have the chance to win many thousands of dollars worth in high-end equipment as well as large complete aquarium set-ups. There are a total of three amazing raffles, one on Saturday and two on Sunday, and don’t forget about the door prizes!

2 – You can speak to experts – This show is attended by industry leading equipment manufacturers and premier coral vendors. You can have passionate talks directly with the company’s reps that made your aquarium great. Ask questions and let your voice be heard about your experience with their products. You will see their latest gadgets and technologies to stay ahead of the curve.

3 – You can browse the best and the latest in live corals, fish and invertebrates – Have you ever had a problem of never being able to find that rainbow such and such at your local store? Don’t want to stock that brand new 500gal tank by going to 25 different stores and waiting weeks or months? Want to get answers to many of the compatibility issues of fish and corals? Want help solving your pest issues that’s been plaguing your tank for months? With over 5000 attendees, well over 100 vendors, 4 expert speakers, and 5 hands on demonstrations, there’s a good chance you’ll find a consensus of what you are after.

4 – You can introduce your family and friends to the wonderful world of Marine Aquariums – There are always people out there young or old that don’t know what a coral is or look like and what they are good for. Ask them to come along and chances are, they will be amazed that they never knew such wonders of the oceans even existed. Kids especially!

5 – Sit in on the many educational talks and demonstrations – Did you ever wonder what it’s like to travel to a third world country diving for special coral never before seen in the U.S.? You can attend Jake Adam’s presentation on Saturday. How about some newest LED lighting technologies by Tullio Dell Aquila? Or how about what reefing was like in the last one to two decades by Mike Paletta and Tony Vargas? These talks will entertain and enlighten your view of what’s out there beyond your living rooms.

6 – Neptune Systems Meetup – Those guys at Neptune Systems really know how to host a party. They are officially hosting an “APEXusers Reef-a-Palooza Meetup 2015” party on Saturday at 11:30am at the show. Food and tech talk; there is no better combination for us reef nerds!

7 – Swing by the Reef Builders booth. Neptune Systems has an official meetup, but every booth has the potential to be a meet up of friends, new and old alike. Reef Builders will be doing a rare live appearance at this year’s RAP with a booth for you to meet the writers, talk shop, and even bounce some of your toughest questions and recount aquarium stories.

8 – See some of the newest aquarium products. Shows like MACNA and ReefStock are known for having the new products revealed there, but MACNA is hardly a month old, and there will be tons of new products at Reefapalooza that have barely been shown to the public yet, and may not be in your local fish store either. We even have word of a few products that will be making their big debut at RAP this weekend

9 – Gourmet Food Trucks and Live band for hobbyists to re-energize – Ever find yourself tired after mind blowing vendor after vendor and need to refuel? For the first time ever, the ingenious organizers at Reef-A-Palooza have brought in gourmet food trucks through out the weekend to satisfy your appetite. No longer would you need to leave the show to refuel while wasting precious time RAP time!

10 – Family friendly – Reef-a-Palooza is doing their part to make it fun for any family member young and old. It’s especially important to celebrate and show the next generation of reefers what a rewarding, exciting hobby this truly is. They have also brought in some artists who will do face painting and balloon animals so that small members of the family are never excluded. Not to mention that local OCC Marine Science group will be exhibiting their touch tanks for kids to have their first time experience to safely touch some marine animals.

There are many people who work very hard to make all this happen for the public. At just a $15 entry fee per day, the return on value to everyone is truly immeasurable. Come and see why this is the World’s Largest Marine Aquarium Show!


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