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    2011 brought us a ton of new reef fish species and although coral species and new aquairum strains come about at a crawling pace, this year was an exceptionally good one for a broad range of corals of all types. From new species of corals that are we’ve yet to see because they’ve just been discovered and described to new collecting locations for familiar species, the abundance of new corals just goes to show that there us still a lot of excitement left for coral aquarists. Let’s see which ten corals really got a lot of discussions going in 2011.

    #10 Orange dimpled chalice Leptoseris coral

    leptoseris-mycetoseroides-4.jpg Orange Leptoseris chalice coral

    *#9 Turbinaria heronensis with extremely long tubular corallites

    turbinaria-heronensis.jpg Turbinaria heronensis from Australia

    #8 Orange frogspawn coral from Vietnam

    orange-frogspawn-coral.jpg Orange frogspawn coral from Vietnam

    # 7 Awesome color Discosoma from Vietnam and Australia

    vietnam-mushroom-anemone-2.jpg Discosoma mushroom anemones from Vietnam

    orange-beaded-discosoma.jpg Discosoma mushroom anemones from Australia

    #6 Mutant Acropora hybrids living in Miami River

    acropora-prolifera-hybrid-miami.jpg Acropora prolifera is a hybrid of Caribbean elkhorn and staghorn corals

    #5 Orange branching Psammocora

    orange-branching-psammocora.jpg Orange branching Psammocora from Fiji

    #4 New colors of Micromussa amakusensis from Darwin Australia

    darwin-micromussa-5.jpg Micromussa amakusensis from Darwin Australia have an incredible range of coloration

    #3 Bali maricultured deepwater Acros

    acropora-speciosa-2.jpg Bali maricultured Acropora include 'Deepwater Acro' species such as this A. speciosa

    #2 Branching Favites complanata from Darwin Australia

    favites-complanata-branching-3.jpg Branching Favites complanata from Darwin, Australia

    #1 New species of Astreopora described from West Papua

    astreopora-acroporina-2.png Branching Astreopora acroporina from West Papua

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