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    It’s that time of year again, not only when we recap our favorite new species of corals and fish, but also take a look back at what YOU the readers really liked the most. Through a combination of page views, comments and facebook like we’ve distilled our top ten most popular stories from the past ten months.

    Some of the most popular stories of 2014 were obvious when they happened, such as the case with the mind-blowing golden clownfish and the peacekeeper maroon clownfishes. As much as we report on the world of marine aquariums, those were two topics that even we were really astonished to discover. A couple more of your favorite stories were actually recaps on their own, one post was on the bestest products of 2013 and another was our selection for the best new products of InterZoo.

    And then there were a few stories that you all really engaged with and shared with your friends, like the Tusk Hermit crab, which went viral on the Aquarium subreddit and seemed to really grab a big audience. Whatever the reasons were, two thousand and fourteen had no shortage of really cool and interesting things to write about and it is extremely rewarding for us to see and discover what stories were your favorites.

    Without further ado, here are the top ten most popular marine aquarium stories of 2014.

    Best new products of InterZoo 2014[​IMG]

    Old Town Aquarium’s $400 Tusk Hermit Crab[​IMG]

    Freshwater aquatic gardeners are schooling us in the Aquascaping department[​IMG]

    Hagen unveiled a new model of their larger Edge series of aquariums[​IMG]

    MaxSpect unveils a revolutionary new kind of water pump[​IMG]

    A $1.5 million aquarium turned into a dining room is sure to catch attention[​IMG]The incomparable peackeeper maroon clownfish[​IMG]Tropical Marine Centre really took everyone by surprise with their reef sets made from Legos[​IMG]The Golden Clownfish seemed too good to be true but the pictures prove its existence[​IMG]

    Our Favorite products from 2013 turned out to be one of your favorite stories of 2014[​IMG]
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