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8 May 2007
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Over the last few months, RVS Fishworld has been crushing it with their offering of awesome Filipino reef fish. This high level of quality fish is particularly evident when it comes to collecting rare, aberrant, hybrid and otherwise really unusual clownfish specimens.

We’ve already featured so many different killer clownfish from RVS Fishworld specifically, but over the last few months we just couldn’t keep up with the smorgasbord of really unique anemonefish they have been showing off. Rather than bombard you with a feature of a single clownfish nearly every single day of posting, we’ve been saving up their best clownfish specimens and are presenting them to you know as a large, mega-feature.

These special clownfish specimens range from uniquely patterned individuals, to well known hybrids, and there’s even a few unusual hybrids in there that we’ve never even heard of, or though possible. With this spread of crazy-awesome clownfish, it’s clear that the Philippines are not only one of the centers of biodiversity of marinelife in the wider Indo-Pacific, but also a great hot zone for clownfish abundance and diversity.

We must be dreaming because this brilliantly colored clownfish looks like the beautiful crossing of a tomato and bluestripe clownfish

The blueish stripes, darkened body and bright yellow fins definitely suggest that this funky tomato has some bluestripe in its pedigree

This stunning tomato clownfish has a perfect second bar on one side, but not the other

In this clownfish we see the hallmark signs of an intergeneric hybrid between a tomato and a maroon clownfish

We can’t even say for sure what is going on with this intriguing clownfish specimen, but the black pelvic fins and black edged anal fin sure hint at melanopus clownfish

The yellow-orange color of this ‘melanopus’ clownfish is quite deviated from the normal red for the species

We already wrote about this eye catching faux-mccullochi clownfish which is in fact a black tomato clownfish

This is not just a Thielli clownfish, but one of the best examples of this well documented hybrid “species”

The brightness of the white misbarring and the orange body color is exceptional for a thielli clownfish

This little ocellaris clownfish decided to up and become his own wild strain of snowflake clownfish

The cool pattern and spotting of this wild snowflake clownfish makes it a great candidate for a captive breeding project

Partially barred specimens of wild ocellaris clownfish are not all that uncommon, but the light brown body color of this fish is also noteworthy

That huge circular white spot on the fish is quite a departure from the normal color pattern for this species

Not sure what is going on with this freak but if we had to guess, we’d say that this clownfish survived an attack early in its life and the scarring resulted in the misshapen body and color pattern

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