RSS Tomiyamichthys levisquama, a large showy goby described from Australia

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    Tomiyamichthys levisquama is a newly described species of shrimpgoby joining this large and diverse genus of bottom dwelling reef fish. The newly discovered T. levisquama was discovered living in coastal waters and soft bottom habitats of Northern Territory and Queensland, Australia.

    Unlike so many of its skinny and narrow bodied congeners, Tomiyamichthys levisquama has a distinctive thicker body and head shape which is more in line with more typical species of other gobies. The new T. levisquama joins the ranks of T. smithi, T. nudus, T. zonatus and T. dorsostigma as the newest inductees into this curious group of goby fish.

    Tomiyamichthys levisquama is described by Hoese, Shibukawa & Johnson in the latest release of ZooTaxa.
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