RSS Tomiyamichthys dorsostigma is the latest described goby from the Red Sea

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    In anticipation of his*forthcoming*Fishes of the Red Sea Jack Randall and fellow Ichthyologists have been busily working on describing new fish species from this region, the latest of which being the handsome goby*Tomiyamichthys dorsostigma. We don’t see too many Tomiyamichthys*gobies in the aquarium trade these days, nor too many Red Sea fish for that matter but this particular tube-snouted goby is closely related to the Flabelligobius*gobies that were all the rage in the aquarium trade about a year ago.*Tomiyamichthys dorsostigma*is described by Bogorodsky, Kovacic and Randall in the September 2011 issue of Cybium.
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