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    Liopropomad69settled.jpg 69 days old, and newly settled, a juvenile Liopropoma sp. Reef Basslet - courtesy Todd Gardner, used with permission.

    Todd Gardner’s breeding efforts at the Long Island Aquarium have had our collective attention for well over a year now. *Late Thursday, Todd officially broke the news of his success raising Liopropoma reef basslets, showing a photograph of a now very sizable captive-bred juvenile Liopropoma Basslet. The species is still up in the air, as Todd has once again been working with both the eggs of L. carambi and L. rubre. *Consider it done – the first successfully captive-bred and captive-reared Liopropoma Reef Basslet!

    Todd hasn’t yet divulged the full methodology that worked, but at 69 days post hatch,with the first of roughly a dozen juveniles settling out, he has “done it” in my eyes. *I can still remember the giddy feeling of hard earned success when I first reared Oxymonacanthus longirostris, and I’ll gladly go on record and say that from what I know, Todd Gardner overcame significantly larger obstacles in the larval rearing challenge. *The least of which, for comparision, is the Liopropoma having almost 2 more full weeks of pelagic larval time in comparison to O. longirostris.

    If Todd’s successes can be replicated, all the better. *Could Liopropoma be the next Pseudochromis for home and commercial fish breeders? *Quite possibly they could, someday, if the techniques can be refined into the formulaic approach that breeding is with more commonly produced species. *Still, for now, I’m guessing this is more on par with the many Centropyge successes we’ve seen, where it takes tremendous effort just to eek out a few babies. *That massive dorsal extension surely doesn’t help things.

    Liopropomad40.jpg 40 days old Larval Liopropoma sp. Reef Basslet, showing a portion of the massive dorsal streamer that causes rearing problems! - Photo by Christopher Paparo, courtesy Todd Gardner, used with permission.

    All the more reason that Todd Gardner earned some very well-deserved recognition with this success. *Todd has already promised the aquarium world at least one article detailing the entire methodology behind this*accomplishment*- we’re all eagerly awaiting those insights! *Bravo once again Todd!

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    Wow that is fantastic news.

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