To Kalk or not to Kalk

Discussion in 'Water Parameters and Additives' started by williet, 4 Feb 2013.

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    Hi All

    I have been reading a lot about alk and CA and I am considering hooking my Kalkwasser Stirrer back into my system through my auto topup.

    Here are my concerns

    Uncontrollable ALK and PH
    Possible fluctuations in CA, ALK due to topup not occuring due to environmental factors.

    I am currently running Randy's recipe via doser and was think this will be a great addition back into my dosing regime.

    One of the benefits I like is it will allows precipitation of Po4 and out with the skimmer.

    Also my concern is that since I run a low nutrient system, how will I prevent
    the Alk from going over 8.0 dKH. That was my previous challenge ?

    Any input on this ?

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