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    The new TMC*V2Bio React 500 Pellet Reactor is the latest biopellet reactor to hit the market. The new*V2Bio React 500 features a “patented” eductor the company highlights providing more contact between the pellets and water, leading to more efficient fluidization to prevent channeling and clumping of the pellets. The new v2Bio React*is designed to be either uses in sump or as a hang-on application. The*TMC*V2Bio React 500 Pellet Reactor comes with*500ml of Tropic Marin NP Bacto Pellets and hanging kit. You will need a low-volume pump to drive the reactor.

    The eductor reactor is not new. While we were at Aquarama in Singapore last summer, we spied this model as*a generic version made as an OEM but appears that TMC looks to have jumped on to bring under its brand umbrella. Check out a video of the reactor in action and a snapshot of the reactor we covered from Aquarama after the break.


    Click here to view the embedded video.

    [Video via*Aquaria*Virtual]
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