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    The TMC Reefskim is a needle wheel powered protein skimmer from Tropical Marine Centre which finally takes the European*aquarium*powerhouse into the market of full sized protein skimmers. For years now TMC has had the V2Skim as a kind of toy protein skimmer made with molded plastic, wonky design and an off-brand pump. The new forthcoming TMC Reefskim is a bonafide protein skimmer ready to pull heavy duty pulling the proteins from reef aquarium water.

    With an acrylic body, bubble diffuser plate and a real in-sump construction, the TMC Reefskim is*worthy of the Sicce PSK water pump that powers it with silence and efficiency. Tropical Marine Centre is just barely beginning to tease their TMC Reefskim protein skimmer so pricing and delivery are still up in the air. Now with the TMC ReefSkim, new line of optiwhite trimless tanks and wide range of Aquabeam LED colors, Tropical Marine Centre is poised to be the one stop shop for all your European reefing needs. Video teaser of the TMC Reefskim spied by Acuaristica.

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