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    The TMC MiniLED appears to be getting another mounting option in the next few weeks. The original mount to the TMC MicroHabitat nano systems was using the MountaRay tank bracket but this new version is using a clear acrylic cross hatch design to mount the light over the tank. The new mount uses four acrylic pieces that appear to slide together with each side*straddling*the edge of the tank.

    We aren’t certain if this new mount is something the customer would dry fit together or if it comes glued together for additional strength. The mounts have large cutouts to give it strength but maintain airflow over the top of the water for proper gas exchange. There will be three sizes of the new mount — small version will hit the stores in a few weeks tailored for the MicroHabitat 8, the medium geared towards the MicroHabitat 15 is due in about six weeks and the large version for the MicroHabitat 30 is still in the works. We will pass on pricing information as soon as it comes through our inbox.

    [Thanks Jose!]

    TMC-news-150x150.jpg TMC-news-3-150x150.jpg TMC-news-2-150x150.jpg
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    nice unit really sleek looking.

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