RSS TMC launch AquaBar T Series LED Light Bars, more affordable LED option

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8 May 2007
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The UK’s Tropical Marine Centre (TMC) has added to its AquaBar line of LED lights with the debut of the AquaBar T series LED light bars designed to get those of you with T5 and T8 setups switched to LED.

Built as an affordable upgrade for those that may have integrated fluorescent fixture in the tank, the AquaBar T series allow you to simply plug in the LED bar into your socket fitting. So if you aren’t up for scrapping your whole hood or light fixture, this is a sensible option.

The lights are available in a wide range of colors including ‘Fiji Purple’, which incorporates NUV light for enhanced coral coloration, and ‘Colourplus’ for fish only and freshwater set-ups. Adaptors are included for T5 and T8 IP rated lamp holders.

These lights retail starting at £34.99 (around $55 USD) for a single lamp and twin units from £99.99 (around $150 USD).

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