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    The TMC AquaHabitat Spy Lens is a simple glass-mounted magnifying glass for getting a good close up look of your aquarium. The brand spankin new Spy Lens is convex on both sides providing a good monoscopic view inside the tank, and a screw-activated suction cup-mount holds the lens on to the glass so hard that we were unable to pull it off with a good deal of pressure.

    Coming in two sizes, the TMC AquaHabitat Spy Lens is available in a 70mm diameter lens with a 6X magnification and a 90mm lens with a 2.5X magnification. The packaging shown above is only for display here at InterZoo 2012 and when it is delivered the AquaHabitat Spy Glass will be wrapped in a much nicer retail box; pricing is still to be determined, and the image below shows a quick snapshot haphazardly made made with an iPhone 4.
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