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    TLAC is a new company to the LED game, and although their website might contain some weird English phrases, their Sancta LED fixtures are actually quite interesting. The main body of the Sancta is CNC ‘d out of aluminum, which is similar to the design of the JBJ Unibody, although the fixture is obviously not nearly as thin and has been coated with paint. The fixture has a pretty interesting looking adjustable mounting arm (which looks to be only usable with rimless tanks), and as a whole the fixture has a pretty industrial vibe.

    It is not the external design of the fixture however that make the TLAC Sancta LED fixtures interesting, it is the fixture’s replaceable “slides”. Creating LED fixtures with replaceable LED chips has been a trend in the Reef LED market for quite a while now with the majority of fixtures on the market featuring at least some kind of variation.* Those replaceable chips however usually feature several different LEDs in predefined color combinations limiting color combinations to the consumer. TLAC is looking to change that with their Sancta replaceable LED “slides”, rather than having multiple LEDs on one board, every LED has it’s own board, putting the choice of color combination in the consumers hand.

    Heading over to the TLAC website, you’ll be able to select out of basically every single Cree and Edison LED chip that is currently used with the industry (the full list can be found here).* With only six LED chips in each fixture, we don’t exactly see the point of adding reds, greens, or near UV LEDs but it is interesting nonetheless. Details as to when these will be available in the US and at what price point is currently unknown.






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