TL550 LED hood

19 Jun 2008
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Kraaifontien, Cape Town
Hi guys some help please, can the LEDs in the hood be replaced and how? Also are the LEDs dimmerable if i change the driver or how else can they(the whites) be dimmed after a few weeks of google and not getting anywhere i took the hood apart again today and thought what is broken at the end... well its broken. found out replacing the LEDs is VERY EASY hardest part is the 24 screws on the splash cover and the heat sink. replaced 13 white LEDS with

2x RED
3x UV
4x blue
4x royal blue

not perfect yet

total cost R250 of which R143 was labour because i was to lazy to solder the chips myself




Looks interesting.....

I'm currently testing a prototype controller I built. It handles 4 colour channels and is able to dim each channel independently ( Saves the settings for predetermined day and night modes ) . Once I am happy with the results I'll let you guys have a look at them.

All in all, I like the look of the upgrade you have made. Dimming the reds and not eliminating them completely might be what you need. As for the white, what LED's did you use?
Hi.whites are the normal boyu 1w LEDs. I just changed the location to where the 3 blues use to be in order to control them. Colour LEDs are in the locations where the 17 whites use to be. So only 3 x 1w whites but they are very bright. You are correct, dimming the reds would be great.
So, I have finished developing a controller and am happy with how it all works.
Part 1 is the overview of the setup and Part 2 is the overview of the operation.

Hi Gerswin the led's looks very nice. Where can I buy the different colour led's? I am new at this and would like to try doing something like that myself. As well as some more info about heat sync, drivers and so on.
Hi thanks. You will have to check in your area or you will have to ship. get 12v and 220v 12v needs an adaptor and 220v straight to your plug. Different drivers for different amounts of LEDs. Eg 3w leds drivers range from 1to3 leds per driver up. 10w chips eg 3x10w off a 20w driver and so on. Heatsink you get in alot different different sizes...depends on the build fans also come in all sizes. Im running two 25mm fans on this build
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