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    3 Oct 2016
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    Hi All

    I am new to this but have been doing a lot of reading and learning. So please give me some guidance along this venture. What I have picked up which is the most important thing about marine is 'patience" which I have been I think :)

    Anyhow, I have been searching the forums here for advice etc. but would like to get my own thread going instead of hijacking somebody else's.

    Ok so I have a TL550 (LED Lighting, I have purchased the following

    filter floss
    1000 lph powerhead
    10KG bag of fine aragonite substrate (Will this be enough?

    Going to be using the standard return pump, skimmer and UV sterilizer that the tank has.

    Please can you advise on the chamber setup. I still have the sponge which I believe should not be used as well as bio balls and ceramic rings.

    Please advise whether I am on the right track? Where in the Umhlanga gateway area or even Durban has good live rock as well as reasonable pricing? As well as how much of live rock should I get for starting off?

    Please note I haven't set the tank up with water etc yet. I have been taking time doing research

    Thank you lots
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