RSS TIR Lens for Radion LED provides up to 30% more light in the aquarium

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    The TIR Lens for the Radion LED light is a new lens cluster from Ecotech Marine which gives the Radion XR30w a lot more depth penetration in the aquarium. Ecotech Marine’s TIR Lens is designed with Total Internal Reflection (TIR) with an unspecified beam angle, but more with purpose of getting a good light spread at 30 inches deep, over a 24″ square area.

    The Radion TIR Lens is easily swapped out with the current common reflector, also replacing the current splash lens. INterestingly enough, the Radion TIR Lens includes four more lenses than there are LEDs in the Radion which is a sure fire sign that new LED cluster will be coming down the pipe with more LEDs, perhaps taking advantage of the six channels of color control already baked into the Radion.

    Ecotech worked very hard to make the Radion TIR Lens retain its very wide light distribution, so if you get a TIR lens for your Radion you can expect the same spread, with more intensity all over. Pricing for the Radion TIR Lens will be announced after Ecotech returns from Germany and you can expect easy upgrade through the Ecotech parts store as we have seen in the past when the Ecosmart and other accessories were launched.
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