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    Time lapse video and focus stacked images were*made*to feature corals in all their glory. But when you take 150*thousand images, focus stack them with panning and time lapse to produce a video like no one has ever seen before, Slow Life, then my friend you are in a totally different world of coral imagery and behavior.

    We’ve seen our share of coral time lapse videos, Dr. Whitby *dabbled in some focus stacked photos and we have our own series of *perspective shift images. But as long as we’ve been staring at, photographing and growing corals, we have never ever seen a video the likes of Daniel Stoupin’s incredible masterpiece of coral morphology. Even the sponges we take for granted in our aquariums get an unexpected close up of this colony of single celled organisms.

    Ben Wiggins set the bar pretty high with his Montipora and Cnidarian Lifeforms time lapse movies, and many others after him have elevated the art form by adding new elements but Daniel’s Slow Life definitely elevates the art form and features live corals in color, shape and behavior like we’ve never seen before. As incredible as Slow Life is, we can’t stop watching it and really hope that Daniel will be back it with a closer look at some SPS corals.

    Slow Life on Vimeo
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