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    tigger-feast.png Tigger Feast is a new refrigerated food of preserved copepods for corals and small fish

    Tigger Feast is the newest copepod-based fish food from Reef Nutrition which is a preserved form of the popular Tigger Pods, Tigriopus californicus. Traditionally reef aquarists have purchased Tigger Pods in a six ounce bottle with up to 2000 live Tigger Pods. Now with Tigger Feast Reef Nutrition is offering this nice small food item for corals and small fish which is right about an average size of 1000 microns or one millimeter. Tigger Feast fits neatly in the size range between Reef Nutrition’s rotifers, Roti-Feast, and the much large copepods for feeding fish, Arcti-Pods. Tigger-Feast should start showing up soon in the familiar Reef Nutrition refrigerators found in stores across the US.

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