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    Thrive Aquatics WaterLab is making a debut at MACNA this year at the reception party hosted by Thrive Aquatics. In case you aren’t familiar with the Thrive WaterLab, this is a new way to test your water through a self-serve kiosk at your fish store that can test up to 23 different water parameters.

    Thrive Aquatics WaterLab will be unveiled at MACNA this year giving potential retail outlets and hobbyists a first-hand look at this unique testing unit. The WaterLab uses micro-reagent technology and clean test vials for each test to give the consumer a printout with their test results plotted against ideal parameters.

    Dubbed the Thrive prescription the printout also give the hobbyist step-by-step instructions on how to bring the parameter back to ideal levels. Since this is produced by Thrive Aquatics, we can assume any additive prescribed will be a Thrive product but a savvy consumer can interchange with other brands of additives.


    There appears to be a touch interface that guides the consumer through the process. The dashboard allows you to edit your tank’s stocking list and other variables we assume with give the program more information to make suggestions based on tank size, inhabitant needs and current filtration to paint a better picture.

    We aren’t sure what the final cost is for the unit from Thrive but there is a $2,500 deposit to get one. Likewise, we don’t know how much retailers will be charging for the tests but we are interested to see this at MACNA. It would be nice to see retailers reward tests for customer loyalty giving of a free test for a certain amount of money spent. This way they can encourage customer loyalty and offer a valuable service to its customers.

    A video overview and official press release follows.

    Thrive Aquatics, a Blue Ocean Corals, LLC brand, announces the arrival of Thrive WaterLab ™. The WaterLab ™ will be unveiled on Friday, August 30th 2013 at the MACNA 2013 Reception party hosted by Thrive Aquatics in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The WaterLab™ will then be on display and showcased for the remainder of MACNA 2013. The Thrive team will be joined by their partnering team of industry professionals: Karlsson Robotics, who was responsible for producing the electromechanical systems, Phoenix Kiosk for shell design and implementation, Digital Acquire who produced the user interface, NextReef Systems for prototype and mechanical design along with numerous other industry professionals.

    The partnering team has been working overtime this past year to make the WaterLab ™ a reality. Set for placement in retail stores only, the Thrive WaterLab™ will not only be a machine that is capable of testing 23 different water parameters, but is blazing a brand new segment in the aquarium retail environment.

    The WaterLab™ analyzes water chemistry using its Micro-reagent technology and provides results to the user. These results compare the target values to the user’s current value thru a printout. This printout called the Thrive prescription, will give step by step instructions, on how to bring the users water chemistry into perfect harmony.

    The technology of the machine utilizes a proprietary non cross-contamination process by using clean test vials for every individual test performed. The WaterLab™ increases speed, accuracy, and consistent advice with a plug and play expandable platform. The WaterLab™ utilizes the improved Thrive Analytics algorithms to create a better overall user experience.

    Thrive Aquatics will be taking a fully refundable deposits at MACNA 2013 to secure retail store placement dates. For the deposit amount of $2,500, there are only 23 units left for placement this year. For an individual price quote, contact a Thrive sales representative at 866-307-7872.

    Thrive is not done yet. Thrive Aquatics has teamed up with other manufacturers in the industry to make the aquarist experience even better. The release of a Freshwater and Pond line is scheduled for later this year as well as new innovative products including a new take on preparing synthetic seawater that improves the overall quality and reduces effort.

    Thrive Aquatics thanks all of its current retailers for their support and patience in this new development as we continue to innovate and provide exciting products that get results for retailers and consumers.

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