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    The new coral plugs from Thrive Aquatics will be released in mid September, and offers a variety of different options to reef farmers. “These ceramic plugs look natural and are heavy. *Unlike aragonite mixed with a portland cement Thrive’s Coral Plugs do not leach*aluminum.” The plugs will come in three sizes small, medium and large with three different tag choices for those sizes:*Tyvex tags,*Mylar tags, and**RFID tags. Paying special interest to the later, RFID (Radio Frequency Identifiers Tag)*gives a new*dimension*for*individuals*and companies keeping control of large amounts of frags. *Hit the read link below for all the juicy details.


    Coral plugs serve different purposes for different people, to hobbyist plugs maybe just an unattractive vessel for that prized frag , but to a farmer it is a way to organize and maximize tank space, track and even brand themselves. Thrive’s take on the common coral plug is anything but common. *These ceramic plugs look natural and are heavy. *Unlike aragonite mixed with a portland cement Thrive’s Coral Plugs do not leach*aluminum. *Plugs are designed to organize, trade and not detract from the beauty of your aquarium. We have provided a hole for a tag, so that you can easily track and organize your Coral Plugs. The shape of the plug is designed to ensured water flow to the base of the fragment, and better blend in with your reef.

    Tagging options

    1. Tyvex tags – All plugs come with Tyvex tags. The Tyvex tags can be written on with sharpies or underwater with a dark pencil. Tags can even be tucked and hidden under the plugs, as *not detract from the look of your display. This system is good a inexpensive system for low volume frag ID.

    2. Mylar tags – *When printed with Zebra*5100 Premium*Resin are very durable and resistance to coralline and other algae growths. We have tested this tags and ink combo underwater for over 2 years and still looked brand new. This system is good for medium to high volume systems or where a coral pedigree may be important.

    3. RFID Radio Frequency Identifiers Tag – For High volume systems. We see RFID being the future of coral tagging and inventory because you could inventory 1,000′s of corals in minuets by waving a wand over the tank. As the cost of these RFID tags lower we feel you could see them everywhere, that why we have made our plugs RFID ready.

    Plugs come in 3 sizes

    Small with 20 per pack

    Medium with 18 per pack

    Large with 15 per pack

    Bulk package sizes of 500 are available.

    [Thrive Aquatics]
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