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    Ecoxotic will be giving away three complete EcoPico nano reef aquariums at ReefStock 2011; two “Truly EcoPico” mini-reefs and one freshwater planted pico with rare submerged grown aquatic plants. *These Picos are not your everyday dry tank combos: Marine EcoPicos include the EcoPico Tank with filter, EcoPico LED Arm Lights decked out with 2 additional LED Strips, substrate, Fish Heads Aquacultured Real Reef Live Rock, ORA corals, clownfish/ The Freshwater Pico Includes: EcoPico Tank with Filter, EcoPico LED Arm Light decked out with 2 additional 12K White LED Strips, Plant Substrate, Driftwood, Rock, Plants and professional aquascaping by Jake Adams (me). Literally take these tanks home and re-fill them! EcoPico’s will be auctioned off at each of the raffle times.
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