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    The NanoBox Reef LED light is starting to roll off the assembly line, just in time to compete with a whole new generation of great entry-level LED lights like the Slimline S and the AI Nano LED. The 12″ version of the NanoBox LED comes with either 12 LEDs running up to 36 watts for $350 or 24 LEDs running up to 72 watts for $450. nanobox-led-300x136.jpg

    When considering reviewing the NanoBox Reef LED we knew it had a really nice feature set – four colors of LEDs, each of them controllable, and active cooling – but we were pleasantly surprised at how small the light is, and how pretty this light looks with its curvaceous housing. Before hanging the NanoBox Reef LED over a tank though it’s got to go through the customary hands-on picture process.

    The NanoBox Reef LED uses all Phillips Rebel ES in equal amounts each of the cool white, neutral white, blue and royal blue LED colors which are controlled by two drivers each with two channels of color adjustment. The finish of the NanoBox Reef LED housing is a very matte black which is the way to go to avoid smudges and showing dust on the fixture. The custom made drivers are really small and the choice of kevlar to protect the wires is a really nice touch. Feature set aside the NanoBox Reef LED stands alone in appearance compared to most of the mass produced LED reef lights. Stay tuned for follow up pictures of the NanoBox Reef LED lighting up some corals. nanobox-led-2.jpg

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