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    We did not receive any live stock, HOWEVER, we still have many fish and corals.
    Attached is our TMC (MAC) order list for this week, HAVE A LOOK.
    You can order as you wish, for pricing, just give us a call as freight and shipping will vary on size and type of fish.

    We have also great specials on at the moment. THE WHOLE OF DECEMBER we will offer (dependent on stock availability and supplies):

    We are running some amazing specials this festive season
    Vortech MP40 usually R6 729.00, NOW only R5 719.00
    A1 Hydra were R6 310.00, NOW only R5 363.00
    A2 Hydra were R9 411.00, NOW only R7 999.00
    Radion XR15 NOW LESS 15%
    Radion PRO G2 NOW LESS 25%
    Innovative Marine and VERTEX products NOW LESS 10%
    Kessil produts NOW LESS 15%
    Seachem, 25kg Reefsalt box was R1 186.00 NOW only R900

    Remember, while stocks last.

    Featured Product

    Come buy your hydrometers with holding water cylinders.
    This way you will not have to place your sensitive hydrometer in the tank and risk breakage on your live rock.
    Hydrometers never need calibration, and they are always accurate to a deviation of 0.001 specific gravity at a water temperature of 25.

    To convert to salinity you can visit the website;
    Salinity Conversion Calculator

    This site is great for helping you with salinity conversions and calculations​

    Looking forward to seeing you.


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    what is the price on these hydrometers?

    Is this the big one? A Coke can for scale picture maybe?
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    24 Dec 2010
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    North Riding, Jozi
    Riaan, those are the proper TMC hydrometers (not the small ones), and cost R790. The holders go for R251.
    It's the same one we use in the shop to measure our SG in all our tanks, and our main mixing tank.
    Considering you pay around R760 for a refractometer that needs to be calibrated every so often, these guys are ready to roll.

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