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    While the Mini Maxi carpet anemone craze was in full swing we sat on the sidelines watching all these wonderful little cnidarians making their way into aquariums. We’ve always been fond of the tee-ninesy little micro carpets that Gary*Majchrzak first started distributing nearly ten years ago. Seems like only two years ago all of a sudden these tiny giant versions of the tiny*Stichodactyla tapetum started being imported in droves, in a bewildering array of colors and patterns, at decent prices too.

    Like an apparent paradox, having all this choice paralyzed us from ever getting a Mini Maxi carpet anemone until this week. While perusing Aquamart in Lakewood CO this week we spotted an incredible, irresistible blue specimen of this potential*Stichodactyla species. This jumbo specimen had apparently spent some time at the shop since it had grown to over three inches across, perched on its own rock and priced very reasonably with an awesome coralline encrusted rock to boot!
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