RSS This baby marlin would make the raddest aquarium fish (for about a month)

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    This awesome little fish hopefully has a big future ahead but it would make an unreal aquarium fish — until it would quickly outgrow its cage. One fisherman actually caught this baby blue marlin by hand in the ocean off the coast of South Carolina.

    Richard Brackett was out fishing and trolling out to battle some*swordfish. After he a few encounters with some sailfish, the sun began to set and he noticed this strange little fish following along , and had battled a couple of sailfish before the sun began to set.

    “After an hour or so, I saw what we thought to be a juvenile sailfish in the transom lights. Being such a last-minute trip, I forgot the dip net so I had to resort to option two.

    “I filled the bucket with water, opened the transom door, and scooped him up with my hands and set him in the bucket. I have to say even at this small size they are crazy aggressive. I got him in my hands in the bucket … and we snapped a quick picture so we could release it as quickly as possible.”

    Impressive to say the least. Marlin can grow upwards of 1,500 pounds and we are hoping this one makes it.

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