Thinking about buying Seneye Reef / Planted Aquarium Monitoring System? Read our...


6 May 2007
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Thinking about buying Seneye Reef / Planted Aquarium Monitoring System? Read our latest review of the product by jason.

Must Have, Brilliant
Firstly, I am not one to write reviews the day I purchase a new gadget. I like to wait for the excitement or "WOW" factor to normalise. So i have the Reef system, with SWS and wifi. My main concern was it doesnt measure many parameters. But let me tell you, this unit opens your eyes. I find myself checking out the graphs 20 times a day. I am obsessed with seeing the stability of my aquarium. Picked up big swings in my PH which i have now sorted out, swings in temp. (close the house up at night and temp increased) so fine tuned that too.) Being an apple fan, I ran into a few issues with compatibility, but this was EASILY over come. On iphone install chome, load up your dashboard, and it opens like its own little app now. (only using chrome for seneye) and its free to download. On Macs, download Firefox - most would have this anyway as most banking pages wont open in Safari on a mac anyway. And again, thats free. So would I get this system again. Most definitely. And from reading up, Seneye have some nice plans for the future with equipment, and with new tests they will do. This is probably the best piece of equipment I have on my system. Simple to install, simple to setup, and simple to get your readings. The light meter is fantastic, found myself checking intensity where corals are placed and found I needed to move a few around. They are allot happier now too. Would absolutely recommend getting one.

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