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Any update on your unit louw? I also just ran into a problem with my unit. The 2nd led pad from the lcd side has suddenly gone dead. Hoping it is just a contact issue. Just pm'd Max so hopefully I get a reply.
Hi guys.

It seems to happen after some power outages. Sorry for not providing feedback. My bad. I manage to reset the unit during August by holding some of the control buttons and doing a power cycle. How exactly I cannot remember! Joke is I am in the same situation again. Will look at my old mails and see if I could find the answer.
My problems continue. My light pads are dying 1 by 1. I have only half running now. Hope it ain't something serious. Asked the okes on RC for help. Looks like I might need to buy new pads but hell they are not cheap. I can just as well buy something that is supported locally.
Wow. Looks like somebody is going to get a new light unit :lol:
Got my unit working again. Replaced the battery and did a hardware reset and BOOM!!!! Every light pug is working. Super stoked. Ran it through the demo mode and all is working.
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