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    Hi Guys,

    I firmly believe in QT tanks now, I never had a problem with a fish, but when you do, it is a problem big time, and it can wipe out your whole DT. I had to basically rip my whole reef apart to get one newbie out, and especially I am now going with the more selective and expensive livestock.

    What are your guys views on running proper QT's.

    I am looking into adding a sump, for maybe zeovit, or ceramics, maybe one of those bathwater canister jobs, fill that up with ceramics.

    A skimmer is worthless because if you running hypo-salinity, it wont skim much anyway, and it will draw out your medications.

    Running carbon, that will absorb all your medications too.

    An idea also of keeping a few goldies in QT permanatly, as I believe they will not stress other fish out, and they so greedy, they will encourage other fish to eat, a lonesome fish has that lonely feeling and may relax a bit more with other fish. Also a cleaner wrasse that can be added now and then from the DT, as long as they not stressing the fish to much.

    My main reason for this, is I don't mind doing w/c's etc, but putting a hose pipe in etc just adds stress to the fish do w/c's.

    Whats your ideas?
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    In my oppinion as you only QT a fish for a week or two sometimes even less, you are best with a mobile, easy to clean, wet/dry system that you only use when you need to and this way it can double as a hospitable tank. My QT system consists of two 60cm long tanks each with their own filters and heaters but they are also wet/dry plumbed into my 1.2m display tank sump so at the end of the QT process or if I feel comfortable with the quality of the fish I can runn the entire two QT tanks through my sump or start slowly at a drip rate. But my best advice is that the simplest system will be the most versitile and usefull system and I believe that if you have an kind of substrate or dsb in this system you need to then rule out going hypo salin this is the same for using a sump I would not recomend it
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    First and most important question.

    What do you envisage quarantining.? A damsel or two or a black tip reef shark. requirements are very different. One could easily QT a damsel in a 1ft container, put 5 damsels in the container and they have stress. Same thing, put your Queen in a 2ft = stress, 4ft with some shelter, a happy chappy. The QT tank needs to be big enough so that the fish can have freedom to swim and not feel confined, else stress.

    Never combine filters, it is a recipe for disaster.

    I have a few QT tank on the go all the time. None have any substrate, LR, or filters. I simply do water changes from my DT's every few days. This way QT fish get mature water and parms are kept in check. Works for me.
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    I set up my old 1.2 as a QT tank. Total water volume is 280L. Complete system with own sump with skimmer, DSB and return, complete working system, even got some cheato in sump. Even some LR in the "display" but it is barebottom.

    If needed to go hypo salinity, or have to use medicine, I just move the return pipe to the first chamber and run the sump on its own and display seperate. Also move the LR to the sump for this period.

    I do 80L water changes in my normal tank. But what I do is to drain 80L out of the QT system, and use the main system old water everyweek into QT system. Keep things in check and adding mature water helps keeping stuff in check.

    Only need a auto top-up on the QT.

    But as Nemos Janitor said, depends on what you want to quarantine. My next fish on my list include a couple of sand sifting gobies. So to have them, I need to be able to keep them in the QT with a proper substrate to eat. So by this weekend I will syphon a bit of sand from my normal system to go to the QT.

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