The Tunze Skimmer Clan

All these new skimmers and no pics :( :whistling:

I agree with Dean and Butcherman

Just to show the experience Tunze has with Aquarium Technology, the pic below shows one of the first generation Skimmers in 1963


In 2014 three new skimmers with patented "flash skimming" technology is available with semi needle wheels

New for the ultra Nano up to 140 liters aquarium
Nano 9001


Nano 9004 already released with very high demand up to 250 liters aquarium.
Doc skimmer with surface skim for up to 1200 liter aquariums.



The 9001 and 9012 should become available end September

Below the usual suspects Tunze DOC skimmers 9410/9415/9430



George helped install my new 9430 last week and I'm really impressed..quietest skimmer I've ever owned!! Look no further then products on the market and wonderful service!!
Sorry Afsal, forgot to post this..need to change my sump to allow a lower water level for the skimmer, sitting a bit high @ 24 cm..however still pulling lots of muck out :)

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Hammers..had 9410 in my 4 foot, awesome skimmer and never a days issue :)

Afsal..2 days, airflow restricted due to high water level, when i change sump it will skim drier :)
Good buy there TaahirS you will be very happy with your purchase you can now say good bye to unwanted overflows and stupid hassles. Once it has settled it just runs and runs flawlessly for years.
Please read your instructions and enjoy.
I will also take this opportunity to mention as from July 2016 our very popular 9001, 9004, and 9012 will be available with New and more efficient and powerful DC pumps. These New Tunze DC pumps have all been modified to produce the most uniform bubbles available in modern skimmer technology today resulting in the process called "Flash skimming." This new process is so efficient that the skimmer size can be reduced to half when competing with much larger skimmers. Where else can you bye a skimmer with length breadth and height dimensions of 140mmx110mmx415mm and rated for up to 1,400 liter tank size.
Can't wait to make these the new Tunze DC flash skimming skimmers available.
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Hi Guys,

I'm in the market for a skimmer for a 1000L (main display) , Suggestions on which TUNZE model

I'm also looking at the Curve 9 and a Reef O
Hi there, go onto the website and type in 9012 DOC Skimmer and the 9012.001 DC DOC Skimmer, fantastic
skimmers. Depending on your bioload, if you have a 1000 litre aquarium with a very heavy load, you may need a larger skimmer.
Email me for prices and more information cheers Anita
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