RSS The tiger blenny, Ecsenius tigris, is a nano reef fish jewel from Australia

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    The tiger blenny, Ecsenius tigris, is a very small little nano blenny with more than enough coloration and personality to warrant more attention that the usual tiny Ecsenius*blenny. Hailing from Australia and the Western Pacific Ocean the tiger blenny was only described in 1988. With so many cool new reef animals being collected in Australia we’ve seen a few of these cool Ecsenius tigris around the aquarium scene but this guy is a bit more pricey than your average Klausewitz blenny. This beautiful specimen of tiger blenny was spotted in Kevin Kohen’s personal nano reef tank in his office and if the tiger blenny is cool enough for a man who’s had pairs of candy basslets, femininus wrasses and flathead perches, well then it’s just plain cool enough.*
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