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    Attention MACNA 2012 vendors and exhibitors. It has come to our attention that there is a Texas law which may have serious implications for current, previous and future retailers of any goods within the republic state of Texas. According to our limited and completely unprofessional legal understanding of the Nexus law in Texas, retailers who make an appearance physically in Texas may be held liable for sales tax for goods shipped to Texas for past sales.

    What we interpret this to mean is that if Bob sold a coral and shipped it to a customer in Texas last year, if Bob shows up*in any professional capacity within Texas, including selling corals in Texas for the DFW MACNA, the Nexus law states that Bob could have to pay sales tax on that sale from way back in the day. Multiply that example by a thousand sales over several years and you can see where Bob may have a problem.

    We don’t fully know how this affects the vendors and exhibitors of the DFW MACNA later this September but if you are a retailer of marine aquarium goods who has ever or plans to sell goods in Texas, it behooves you to consult a legal professional regarding the specifics of the Texas Nexus law.

    DISCLAIMER: We dot represent legal counsel, we don’t know jack about legalese and we do not in any way represent legal advice about Texas or tax laws, not at ALL!!
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