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    Yesterday we had the sincere pleasure of introducing an aquarium, code named “Reef 924″, which has been endowed with a balnk check for a budget, and the careful design and installation experience of Samuel Slobusky of Wet Work Reefs. We showed you Part 1 which featured all the different susbsystems of this very meticulously planned out planned out aquarium.

    Today we share with you Part 2 which features the tank filled with water, aquascaped with all ceramic rock, and with custom designed Elos Planet Pro LEDs. This whole rot build is outfitted with nothing but the best equipment, with the highlight for us being the fully loaded Royal Exclusiv Dreambox sump, plus all the skimmers and pumps for which it is designed.

    This reef tank is well on its way to becoming a world-class display, with quarantine systems for both fish and corals. We can’t wait to see what Wet Work does with Reef 924 in the future. If the inside of the aquarium looks anything like the perfectly designed exterior, this is a reef tank that should make many jaws drop in the near future. Full tank equipment specifications below as well as lots of pictures showing this tank in progress.


    Low-iron glass, mitered corners, 9.2’ long, 4’ wide, 35” tall by Elos
    Stainless structural steel stand with only six vertical supports, 36” tall by Elos
    Cabinet and door panels in Lamborghini matte black, pure white interiors by Elos
    Four Planet Pro custom LED pendant fixtures, 120 cm long each
    Main sump, Dreambox by Royal Exclusiv, 175cm x 60cm x 35cm (Royal Exclusiv products purchased through Aqua Specialty Wholesale)
    Ceramic reef structure by Korallenwelt
    Water change box, refitted refugium from Royal Exclusiv, 75cm x 60cm x 50cm
    Pan World 250PS water change discharge pump
    Bubble King Super Marin 300 w/ RD3 Speedy 50w and slave pump
    Avast Marine Skimmate Locker, large
    Three Dreambox media reactors
    Dedicated RD3 80w for biopellet and GFO reactors
    Two RD3 80-watt return pumps
    Two RD3 80-watt Apex-ready closed-loop pumps
    MRC Industrial refugium, UVS bracket, closed-loop pump shelf, triple dosing station w/ Starphire refugium glass, 59”x 14.5”x 14” (not including bracket height)
    Marineland Advanced LED, 48” refugium light
    Emperor Aquatics HO UVS, 120 watt
    Four Tunze 6155s, Apex-controlled
    One Tunze 6095, Apex-controlled
    One Tunze 6020, Apex-controlled for additional circulation in refugium
    Neptune Systems Apex w/ conductivity meter, 2x EB8, 2x VDM, leak detection, auto-feeder, break-out box, Fusion linked
    Refugium substrate by Miracle Mud
    Display substrate by Tropic Eden

    Acrylic tank, 60”x 24”x 15”, external overflow by Advanced Acrylics
    Acrylic sump, 48”x 18”x 18” w/ Miracle Mud refugium
    RLSS 6000 return pump
    Vertex Aquaristik 180i
    2x Vortech MP40wES
    2x Kessil 360WE
    Emperor Aquatics 40w UVS
    2x BRS reactors w/ Colder Industries no-drip quick disconnects
    Neptune Systems Apex, auto-feeder, Fusion linked

    Oceanic Reef-Ready 140-gallon, 48”x 24”x 29” (This was his previous tank. No point letting it go to waste.)
    Glass sump
    Deltec AP600 (also retasked)
    RLSS 6000 return pump
    Tunze 6095, Apex-controlled
    Emperor Aquatics 40w UVS
    Neptune Systems Apex, auto-feeder, Fusion linked

    2x 200 gallon tanks, seawater
    1x 100 gallon tank, freshwater or seawater
    Pan World 250 PS supply pump for main display water changes
    Pan World 250 PS mixing pump connected to Apex
    SpectraPure 180 GPD MaxCap system w/ boost pump
    SpectraPure 90 GPD CSPDI, dedicated for main display

    [​IMG]Reef complete and drying

    [​IMG]We love this rock for how effectively it creates habitat for fish.


    [​IMG]First seawater fill 

    [​IMG]Channel was added to the sides of the Planet Pros so wire could be routed into the utility tower

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Certainly the most awesome overflow box i've ever seen. Super neat project.
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