The Sep-Art Technology is based on an ingenious aquaculture invention. Sep-Art A...

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    The Sep-Art Technology is based on an ingenious aquaculture invention. Sep-Art Artemia cysts are not a new strain of cysts, but the Sep-Art Technology provides a magnetic coating on the cysts. This new technology is highly efficient and allows a fast and complete separation of nauplii and unhatched cysts. Sep-Art Artemia Cysts (90% hatching) are coated with a carefully selected non-toxic layer of magnetic material. They look like normal cysts and the hatching instructions are identical. After hatching the Sep-Art Artemia Cysts, drain or siphon the nauplii and unhatched cysts into the Sep-Art Separator. The Separator contains a strong built-in magnet: unhatched cysts are trapped by the magnet on the bottom of the Separator. The non-magnetic free swimming nauplii are ready to use. Thanks to the gentle separation process, the nauplii are extremely viable.

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