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Reeftech Ts series Anyone

Hi guys do you have a Reeftech skimmer or have bought one with a pump that is faulty or not wroking at all ?????????????:whistling::whistling::whistling:

I can get a brand new replacement pump for half the price of a new one ...

If you are intrested Pm me and we can make a plan :lol::lol:

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:peroni:
Hi Guys, I have a Reeftek ts3, everything on it is stock. The pump makes a loud grinding/sucking noise.
Definitely not from the air intake.
Has anyone had this problem and what can be done to stop the noise?
are you sure there is nothing stuck in there like a small gravel stone?

How old is the pump?
Hi Riaan, it was making a very loud noise.
I stripped it down on saturday, cleaned it up, didnt make a difference.
I stripped it on Sunday as well, maybe i did something wrong, even then its still the same.
I'm not sure how old the pump is, I'd guess between 1 and 1 1/2 years old.
I didnt notice any damage on the inside.
Hi Riann, managed to get the pump very silent. Came home removed the pinwheel. Notice it had alot of play on either side of the shaft. Got a few o rings and fit them. Now the pump is almost silent.
Hi Riann, the pump got noisey again. Does anyone have or know were i can get the pin wheel impellor for a OTP-3000?
any petshop selleing Aquarium Depot products.
Excuse the stupid question, but what is the function of the middle chamber in a TS3 and does this water circulate
Excuse the stupid question, but what is the function of the middle chamber in a TS3 and does this water circulate
Not sure really, think it kinda serves as a type of calming/settling feature for the foam head? I don't think the water circulates very well in there as the section in mine used to fill up with detritus after a while and had to be syphoned out occasionally.
Thanks I set mine up today on new tank, it's more powerful than I've ever had on any other tank! It's a bit of a beast! Is the funnel type compartment separator meant to float I.e not fixed.
Do you maybe have a pic of it running. That black funnel part is not suppose to float. Is it placed in with the narrow funnel part facing up or facing down?
It's facing up, what I mean by floating is that it is not fixed as you can remove it, I would assume to clean? It would appear to be a settling chamber / feature. I'll take pic tomorrow
Yes, they don't get fastened in any way. In the skimmer it's self it should only rest on the inner resting ring (if I can call it that). Like you mentioned, makes cleaning easier.
Great skimmer by the way. I have a TS4 that I used on my 1800L system and boy did it perform. Just make sure you clean the main chamber at least once a month or else performance drops a bit.
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