The Reefing Solutions Mentorship Programme

7 May 2007
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Gonubie East London
To anyone who knows me you will understand my passion for reefkeeping, my heartbreak when we loose corals and fish and my happiness when I see a fellow reefer succeed with a beautiful system,

I myself consider my stance to be a reefer first not a salesman (a terrable buisness stance but nonetheless).

The evolution of reefing solutions came through my passion for marine fish and corals, but moreso it was sparked through the passion of helping people, we most certainly do need to sell products but we have taken pride in the selection of those products to bring in so that reefers at all levels of reefkeeping can benefit by the use if the items we import. We simply would like to make these things more acessable within South Africa with warranty back up and support.

My offer here is to assist any reefer needing help, irrespective of what equipment you have. I believe your systems well being to be of utmost importance.

I am always available and have been to many members for the past 11+ odd years to help, and grow your confidence in your ability to keep these beautiful species that we have chosen to persue perfecting the captive environment for.

So please do pull on my knowledge, I dont know everything as the hobby is so dynamic and has burst with new technology over the past 3 or so years but I have a pretty good feel of where we are, and if I'm not sure I'll teach you how to logically acess how to make decisions and move forward cautiously.

I sincerely feel that we need to grow more reefers confidence and I hope that this will translate to less losses in livestock.

I am here should you need me, this is not a sales driven post although we have positioned ourselves to have most if what is needed to propperly kit out a system from scratch.

I am happy to share what I have learnt with any willing recipient.

Happy Reefing
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