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    larval-cycle-HDIP-821x1024.jpg Heniochus diphreutes, Schooling Bannerfish larvae, to 37 days post hatch - image courtesy Wittenrich et. al.

    Dr. Matthew L. Wittenrich and I were emailing last week, pre-Thanksgiving, when he dropped a “Booyah” on me. *The rest of the day, he had me cursing him in the way only friends can do. *Once again, I say “I’m going to breed Butterflyfish”, spend over a year building up broodstock, patiently conditioning them. *Then one day Wittenrich says, “Of all that is happening…the coolest of the cool is*Heniochus*diphreutes. The larvae were absolutely amazing, ate well, grew fast,*we had hundreds of them.” Son of a…CONGRATULATIONS!

    Today’s official annoucement in the Rising Tide Blog*details the cooperative efforts between*Paul Rinehart and Ramon Villaverde of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, and the University of Florida’s Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory, as part of the**Rising Tide Conservation Initiative. *In this first go-round, they’ve made a sizable dent in the larval culture of a Butterflyfish, with the last larvae dying at 41 days post hatch. *We can all collectively hope that this feat represents another leap forward, much as last year’s initial positive results with Liopropoma Basslets foreshadowed Todd Gardner’s ultimate success with them only a few weeks ago. *Only time will tell if the Rising Tide collaboration results in the first captive-bred Butterflyfish. *It’s not every day that we check off a breakthrough at the genus or familial level.

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