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    We recently highlighted a relatively unknown Polish company Aqua-trend and the Poseidon is Aqua-Trend’s version of the aquarium controller. The Poseidon offers an interesting package which should be more than capable at controlling basic functions in your tank.

    The Aqua=Trend Poseidon is a basic controller, and as far as we know lacks expansion modules such as ORP, Salinity, or leak detection, but it does have the core functionality. Included with every package are the main controller, a temperature probe, pH probe, float switches, and a powerhub which features four sockets (the controller supports at least two, for a total of eight outlets). The controller is furthermore designed to be integrated with the Aqua-Trend dosing pumps, so connecting the two for some high resolution dosing shouldn’t be a problem. The controller also offers dimming modules for LED and T5 fixtures.

    For more info on the Aqua-trend Poseidon aquarium controller, be sure to head over to the product page on the Aqua-Trend website. The complete controller (with all the above mentioned features, and one powerbar) currently retails for 1,049.00 z?*($320) including tax.* thumbs_aqua-trend-poseidon-6.jpg





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