The perfect xmas gifts

Discussion in 'SAMS Aquarium' started by ebrahim sams aquarium, 8 Dec 2012.

  1. ebrahim sams aquarium

    ebrahim sams aquarium

    22 Aug 2011
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    25kg/750lt Aquamedic salt R595
    Refractometer with LED R565
    Waterproof Ph pen R495
    Electronic phosphate meter R785
    A150w Kessil LED unit R3150
    A350w Kessil LED unit R4500
    Sera test kit box (9 test kits) R550
    Cauliflower soft coral (pink & orange) R225
    Octopus corals R320
    Torch corals R245
    Elegance corals R395
    Doughnut corals R245
    Open brain corals from R295
    Long tentacle anemones R295
    Lots of other instore specials!!!!!
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  3. vin


    24 Jun 2011
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    Cape Town
    Any new shipments in guys? Pricelist of all fish you hav etc?
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