RSS The NR12 led spotlight is Orphek’s latest PAR 38 fixture.

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    The NR12 nano reef LED fixtures are the latest PAR 38 fixtures coming from Orphek. The NR12 fixtures look almost identical to the Ecoxotic par38 lights we spotted two months ago, and it would be safe to assume that both fixtures, or at least the fixtures bodies come from the same OEM manufacturer. Orphek however seems to take a more budget minded approach as there are some key differences between the two lights. The main difference lies in the remote that is included with the Ecoxotic PAR 38 light, which allows some control over brightness and color spectrum, while the Orphek NR12 is most likely just on or off.


    Beside the remote, the Orphek NR12 also appears a little less polished lacking a cover over the LED array and lenses showing visible screws and wires. It appears the cover has simply been removed to accommodate the diffusers not seen in the Ecoxotic fixture, as the translucent screws originally holding up the cover are still in place, but it none the less takes away from the appearance. The Orphek NR12 is available in a reef focused version with the 12K white, 460nm blue Hyper Red, UV in the configuration seen above, and a version designed specifically for planted tanks. The NR12 will furthermore be available in several different Kelvin ranges, and can be customized as well.

    Pricing is currently unknown, but should be available shortly. Orphek already has a bunch of fixtures hanging in fish stores so expect them to be available soon.
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