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8 May 2007
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The new ORA Maxima Clam poster is a stunning reminder about why we love these mollusks. Following up on the success of the ORA Coral and ORA Clownfish posters, this new poster features vivid colors that will light up any fish room, home or office.

The ORA Maxima Clam poster features a bevy of Tridacna maxima produced at the company farm in the Marshall Islands including fine examples of their Ultra Maxima, Ultra Gold Maxima and First Grade clam specimens. For anyone wondering about the origin, all these clams ORA sells are raised on the ORA farm and never taken from the wild.

If you want to get your mantle on one of these sleek, gloss aqueous coated posters, 18 x 24 in. posters, you can buy them directly from the ORA website for $9.95 and they will be shipped directly to you for a $5 flat rate in the US.

Because clams are so unique, ORA recommends researching what types of coloration and patterns you like and then tell your local fish store exactly what you are looking for and the ORA team will hand pick the clams to fit the order as best as they can.

[via ORA]

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