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8 May 2007
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Nearly a year after it was first unveiled, MaxSpect’s Ethereal LED is still not quite ready for a general release. MaxSpect has been busy working on the Ethereal, fielding feedback from customers in addition to getting the Gyre pump just right, and envisioning larger models at the same time.

At Aquarama 2015 we had our second look at the Ethereal, this time with the hardware pretty much finalized, and only the mobile and wireless controlling features are still in development. The nearly finished, pre-production MaxSpect Ethereal is one very sexy light, with a whole lot more fit and finish than the early prototypes we were shown at InterZoo last year.

The one new feature which we really did like about the Ethereal LED is the color-changing central LED for ambient lighting. Harkening back to the days of customized, gaming PCs, the Ethereal’s ambient lighting is emanating from the centrally located fan, and should make for a neat semi-moonlight as well.

The number of screws in the top of the Ethereal has been drastically reduced, and the wireless package has been shifted from the mounting arm to the rear of the overall fixture. The new Ethereal really takes the title of “sleekest led light”, if there was one to give out, and it looks like it’s good enough to put in a museum.

Of course, we’re not here to give out awards, but to grow the most beautiful and colorful corals. Unfortunately, the MaxSpect demonstration tanks which featured the Ethereal were somewhat sparse on corals to examine the fidelity of the color rendition, and how well the light was distributed in the aquarium.

We did however get a chance to briefly test drive the mobile app for wirelessly controlling and programming the Ethereal LED. We can tell you that MaxSpect is spending as much time refining the mobile apps as they have in creating a masterpiece of LED lighting design. MaxSpect wouldn’t reveal an official launch window for the Ethereal but we’ve got a good hunch we’ll be finally getting this light over real live reef tanks sometime in the fall, around MACNA or shortly thereafter.

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