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8 May 2007
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The MicMol Aqua Air LED is a new solid state aquarium light that truly goes above and beyond to harness the look and feel of a certain featherweight laptop. MicMol clearly takes a lot of inspiration from that fruit-named computer company with their first MicMol Aqua Mini LED looking more or less like an oversized Mac Mini.

The new MicMol Aqua Air channels the Macbook Air in its slenderness and the use of all metal construction and finish, and overall intensity and specs aside, this is one gorgeous looking light, before you turn it on. Even the adjustable bracket is quite a looker and suitable for mounting the MicMol Aqua Air in three sizes, and the lack of a fan means the fixture is dead silent when over the aquarium.

The fixture of the Aqua Air has an all aluminum body to dissipate the heat from a huge number of 0.5 watt LEDs. There are four types of LEDs in the AquaAir including 8,000K whites, 460nm blue, 520nm green and 630nm red diodes. There is a 4-switch smart control system that allows users to control the lighting, even with built in programming that users can modify to their heart’s content.

The Aqua Air LED from MicMol is available in three sizes, a 20 watt model that is 12 inches long, a 40 watt model that is double that length at 24 inches long, and finally a 60 watt model which is 36 inches long. The MicMol Aqua Air LED may not be an all powerful lighting engine, but if you’re looking for strictly illumination or lighting up some low light plants and corals, the MicMol Aqua Air is certainly in the running for keeping the entire aquarium looking classy. [MicMol]


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