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    You’ll have to forgive us if instead of rushing into a hands-on and review of the Mesoscope 2 we dived right in and started playing with it. We’ll get into its much improved usability, ergonomics, function and compatibility with USB camera and DSLR cameras in due time but for now check out these awesome photos we’ve succeeded in taking with just a smartphone.*

    While travelling around the last two weeks we had the opportunity to visit some incredible tanks loaded with amazing corals and you can be assured that the Mesoscope 2 was in tow to get a close look at them. With very little planning or preparation we were able to quickly make incredible snapshots of*Acropora,*Montipora, Neospongodes and Pectinia corals using only the built in camera of the iPhone 5.

    Tony Vargas followed our lead and snapped some equally impressive shots using a Galaxy Nexus SIII and with no special training, we were able to simply align out smartphone cameras with the eyepiece of the Mesoscope 2 and snap away. Those of you who remember others doing the same with the original Mesoscope will recall that the depth of field*and*the field of view were much more reduced than these hastily made photographs. Enjoy this first round of Mesoscope 2 images and look out for a lot more information on the new and improved Mesoscope 2 coming soon.

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