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    This video of the reef tank of Daas Bachir may not be the highest quality but hot dog does it show some expansive and luxurious coral growth. We had the opportunity to visit and check out Bachir’s impressive coal tanks nearly ten years ago and it was here where we first saw the purple polyp Stylophora now commonly known as the Milka Stylo.

    It was also Chez Bachir that we saw our first colony of a huge Acropora gomezi, and picture-perfect thin branched Acropora lokani and many more. If our memory serves us correctly, the main display is in the neighborhood of 2000 gallons, loaded with fish and at the time it was lit with dual metal halide hoods that each contained a 400w 20K radium and a 10,000K bright white lamp to achieve exquisite color.

    The way that the corals in this reef have grown together to create a continuous field of SPS corals is quite an achievement, visible even through the pixelation of the lo-fi video. The next time we are in France we’ll do our best to swing by and do a personal update on this sprawling reef aquarium scene because this masterpiece certainly deserves a full feature.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Bienvenue chez Bachir - YouTube
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