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    The Lima Shrimp or Lima Boxer Shrimp,*Microprosthema semilaeve,*is a very*poorly*known marine crustacean from the Caribbean. Lima shrimp are tiny too, growing to have a body length of only half an inch long, with enlarged primary claws that make them look larger. Brilliant red coloration of the Lima Shrimp helps it to live in flame scallops with which it blends perfectly.*A small reef animal such as this deserves to be kept in a nano aquarium with a small harem of flame scallops to choose from.

    The small size and specialized nature of the Lima Boxer Shrimp and its live flame scallop hosts makes them hard to find in the wild and it has prevented this animal from becoming as popular as the widely kept sexy shrimp and harlequin shrimp. LiveAquaria allowed us to share with you these amazing pictures of this incredible little monster which will be coming to the Diver’s Den very soon.


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